The RedaKai
Season 1
Episode Number 20
Preceeded By Kairu Visions
Followed By The Gauntlet of Lokar
The RedaKai is the 20th episode of Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. It aired January 7th, 2011.


During a meeting of the Redakai that is only held once every ten years, Lokar plans to attack Baoddai's monastery and eliminate his enemies. He plants kairu on the opposite side of the globe to lure team Stax away, but when team Stax find the kairu they realise that it is the same relic they had fought for(and lost) earlier that day. Then Maya has a vision of what's happening at the monastery and team Stax return quickly. However they are stopped by team Imperiaz and have to battle them while Lokar drains the RedaKai of they're inner kairu. But team Stax beat team Imperiaz and save the RedaKai who fight Lokar and take back their energy.

Characters Seen

  • The Redakai Council

Monsters Used



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