Bandro is an orange spider/ humanoid monster used by Teeny in the 2nd season if Redakai. She made her first appearance in " Return to Kieran's castle" alongside Grindoid and Hurracane.

It made another appearance in "Boomer goes Platinum" when they battled Ky on the Byouvians vessel.

Its third appearance was in "Plot of the Imperiaz" when she beat Maya by using Brain Buzz when the two teams battled in a crevice.

Its next appearance was in "Power of the Imperiaz" after Teeny and her siblings drained a huge mass of Kairu from Master Boaddai's monastery.

Attacks: Kairu Drain, Accelarator Kick, Brain Buzz, Lightning Blades.

Vulnerabillity attacks: Righteous Light, Blazing Blast, Wall of Blades, Lughtnung Storm, Plasma Claw.

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