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The Imperiaz E-Teens are a group of teens who serve under Lokar in Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. However, unlike the Radikor and Battacor E-Teens, this team was forced to join him because he kidnapped their parents. So, they are the only team who are reluctantly serving him. They are also the only team who are members of royalty.




  • The Imperiaz E-Teens made their first appearance in The Guardian of the Souls.
  • They are the only team so far that has two female members on their team.
  • They are referred to as Team Imperiaz in the anime.
  • So far, the Imperiaz E-Teens have made the fewest appearances in the anime than any other team.
  • They are the only team that is royalty.
  • They are the 1st team who are all siblings,2nd being the hiverax



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